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Venture Capital Travel was founded by Bryan Lip.

Bryan makes makes strategic investments in the travel space and also provides advisory work.

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  • What happens: During your scheduled appointment, Bryan will meet you via a Zoom or Google Hangout video conference call for an hour to discuss your business plan and your strategy. You can bring your 15 min presentation -nobody reads business plans nowadays- and we can go over the details, the strengths and weaknesses, and help answer any questions you have about travel technology, growth, challenges and so on. Be prepared to take notes and ask questions.


  • Benefits: This is a great way to prepare for any meeting or to discuss previous meetings with investors. You can bring up to two people from your team. You will get the views of an active angel investor, as well as a consultant, and you will gain insights and tips to help you succeed with your travel startup. If your travel startup is promising, I can facilitate introductions to relevant connnections after our meeting.


  • Fee: $50 for a one hour consultation
  • Other things to note: Bryan is a professional angel investor and does not sign NDAs. Bryan is not in the business of stealing ideas but will give you a lot of realistic information about travel technology and startups. This is not a way to get funded directly by Bryan.



“Not often you encounter a person that closes mega deals for a listed company with the flair of a seasoned board member. That can talk about adtexts and best keywords practices. Bryan knows what makes the online travel world tick, and will go the distance to make it work for his portfolio. Watch him, because I think he’s only getting warmed up.”

Wouter Blok, Industry Head of Travel, Google


“Bryan has a fantastic understanding of the Digital space, and time and again demonstrates his ability to deliver significant value. Whether it’s business development and negotiation, relationship management and growth strategy, or specialist skills such as search, UX or UI Optimisation, whether in London, L.A or KL, Bryan has got what it takes to identify what matters, problem solve and then get people going on making it happen.”

Greg O’Gorman, Head of Ancillary Revenue & Partner Marketing, easyJet

“Bryan is a highly resourceful, entrepreneurial and creative individual who can be relied on to think outside the box and to find solutions beyond the obvious. We have a shared philosophy of eating our own dog food – even if that involves coding every now and again!”

Lily Cheng, Managing Director, China, Tripadvisor

“Bryan was one of the sharpest partners I’ve ever dealt with. He had clear understanding of loyalty marketing and how to drive acquisition through our database. Each campaign showed incremental improvement as Bryan tested and learned variables to drive a strong ROI. Highly recommended.”

Steve Baird, Strategic Planning Manager, Qantas

“Bryan is an extremely smart guy, he is assertive, quick to grasp things and ever hungry for more knowledge. His entrepreneur side allows him put himself in the position of who he is talking to and understand their needs, that’s why he is so good finding new partners and dealing with the existing ones. Bryan’s versatility and understanding of Ecommerce is so thorough that he could be doing any role in Ecommerce. It was a real pleasure to work with him.”

Jose Truchado, Director, SEO, Expedia EMEA

“Bryan is a born entrepreneur. With his flare of natural energy and business acumen he is able to deal with complex situations. A high achiever offering multi-national experience in financial services and e-commerce fields. I would recommend Bryan for is ability to lead and endless hunger to be ruthlessly successful.”

Ketan Samani, Global Head of Web, Standard Chartered Bank


“Working together on a strategic alliance it was clear immediately Bryan was someone operating with clarity, vision, focus and energy. A travel professional of the highest calibre. I hope our paths cross again.”

David Hughes, Director, Technology, Thomas Cook Group

“Bryan has an unusual talent for extracting the maximum strategic business advantage from very complicated situations without losing track of the little details. I enjoyed working with him – he is very clear about what he needs to achieve and explains the background well.”

John Dalzell, Senior Developer, E*TRADE


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